Gadda da Vida Table Setting

Today we’re taking you to a whimsical tropical garden with our Gadda-da-Vida Rectangle Tablescape. Inspired by lush tropical gardens from a long lost world, we used many gold and chocolate elements to bring in a dazzling interpretation of the earth, with artificial floral to dress up the garden. Browse through our photos below and also our list of products that we used for this table scape, and prepared to take your guests to a different world.

Tropical Tree Centerpiece:
Gold Manzanita Tree
Open Silk Roses
Frosted Ivy Garland
Springtime Champagne Open Roses
Violet Agapanthus

Garden Inspired Table:
Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth
Champagne Chevron Sequin Runner/Overlay
Frosted Ivy Garland
White Votive Candles
Champagne Cups

Paradise Table Setting:
Beaded Glass Charger
Lamour Napkins
Willow Green Napkins
Champagne Goblet
Dinner Plates

Be our Guest! Beauty and the Beast Inspired Setup!


I’m sure some of you have already heard that there is a new Beauty and the Beast movie in the works! The animated Beauty and the Beast movie had always been on of our favorites so we were inspired to create an elegant and regal Table Setting based on the characters of the story.

Enchanted Cased Rose Centerpiece:
Cylinder Vase
Open Silk Roses
Rose Petal
Gold Charger
Votive Candles & Red Holders

Ballgown Inspired Table:
Crinkle Taffeta Tablecloth
Champagne Organza Overlay
Roses + Safety Pins (We used the Rose Heads from Open Silk Roses and Glued Safety Pins)

A Beastly Table Setting:
Beaded Charger
Satin Royal Blue Napkins
Burgundy Lamour Napkins
Dinner Plates

Burlap 101

Burlap 101

The buzzword that has been trending for the last few years around the wedding and event scene is “Rustic”. If you’re an event planner, researching for wedding or party themes, chances are you have run into this style of decorating. A staple for this look is utilizing Burlap, a rough and grungy material that is perfect complement to any rustic themed event.


But what is Burlap?
Burlap is fabric, generally made with the fiber of the jute plant. The fiber of the jute is generally very coarse and uneven, however is very strong and 100% natural. This also makes it a great choice for environmentally conscious individuals because jute is completely biodegradable. When this material is loosely woven together, we get our familiar burlap fabric!

Are there different types of Burlap?
The standard type of burlap is natural colored, coarse and uneven, which is probably the type of burlap that most people are familiar with. Some burlap may be made of other material like hemp, flax or ramie. Sometimes the jute material may also be mixed with different types of fibers (like cotton or polyester) for a softer finish. Burlap Fabric may also be dyed.

What is the best way to cut Burlap?
We often hear of issues with burlap material getting all over the place when it is cut. Because of how loosely the threads are woven, it’s easy for the fabric to fray and for more threads to fall out where you cut. A simple remedy to this issue is to cut between the weaves for minimal fraying. You can create a simple guide by pulling out a thread single thread where you want to cut, as illustrated below:


This method only works if you are cutting straight through the fabric. It will reduce excessive fraying, and will make the fabric easier to handle.

Cleaning Burlap
We generally would not recommend washing burlap material. Harsh chemicals and cleaning agents might damage the natural property of the fabric, and washing machines and harsh agitation might warp of skew the fabric because of it’s loose weave. Upon receiving a new burlap product, some people notice that it emits an earthy odor. This is not a defect, but the natural odor of the jute that the burlap is made with. To remove the odor, ensure you have some empty space outdoors and hang your burlap to air out for a couple days. This will remove most of the odor. For actually washing the material, it’s best to spot wash the fabric. Dampen the area you would want to clean, and wipe or dab gently with a mixture of water and vinegar (or mild detergent). Try not to agitate the fibers too much as this would cause it to fray.

New Arrivals: Perfect Picnic Checkered Polyester

Welcoming a newcomer to our line of products today, the Perfect Picnic Checkered Polyester! You’ve seen this pattern on classic picnic tables and country themed events and now you can use it for your events! Although this is a classic style, we decided to update it with a modern flair, these tablecloths are made with a heavy polyester to withstand use over and over again! Plan your spring picnic events today with these lovely checkered tablecloths!

nap-redsqu-grnround-blkrec-blue round-rednap-grn

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An Elegant and Whimsical Tablescape

Whimsical Valentine's DayValentine’s Day has recently come and gone, but the holiday has inspired us to create something playful yet elegant; A tablescape reminiscent of a sensual and warming mood and candle lit dinners with your loved one.

Whimsical Valentine's Day 2

Materials used:

A Red Tablecloth
Red Votive Candles Holders with Candles
Black and White Chevron Table Runner
Heart Silk Flower Petals
Diamond Rhinestones